Tensión fijada para las líneas aéreas 11kv
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Tensión fijada para las líneas aéreas 11kv

  • FXBU
  • Polímero compuesto
  • Un tipo aislador
  • Tipo del canal
  • ISO9001, IEC IEEE
  • Potencia de Oei
  • 854690000
  • De alto voltaje, de baja tensión, de alta temperatura
  • Aislador de suspensión
  • Transmisión de potencia de alto voltaje
  • 160KN
  • Gris
  • OEIpower
  • China Nanyang

Descripción Del Producto

The Composite Insulators

Tension Set for 11kv Overhead Lines
The Composite Insulators comply with the latest editions of and amendments to, the standards/specification listed below:


G164 - 4 - Hot dip galvanizing of Irregular Shaped Articles

CAN/CSA - Quality Assurance Program Categories 2299.3


C29.1 - American Standard Test Method For Electrical Power Insulators

C29.7 - American Standard For Wet - processed Porcelain Insulators (High Voltage Line Post Type) Electrical Power Insulators

987 - 1985 - IEEE Guide For Application of Composite Insulators

D750 - Recommended Practice for Operating Light and Weather Exposure Apparatus (Carbon Arc Type) For Artificial Weather Testing Of Rubber Compounds.

D1499 - Recommended Practice For Exposure of Plastics.

D2240 - Rubber Properties, Durometer Hardness

D2565 - Recommended Practice For Operating Xenon - Arc Light And Water Exposure Apparatus Plastics.
The weathershed of the Post Insulators shall be manufactured from either Hydrated Alumina Ethylene Propylene Copolymer (EPM) as the primary constituent or Silicone Elastomers. The weathershead shall be injection moulded and brought to final cure state in one continuous process to prevent internal undercure or surface overcure. Additionally, the weathershead shall provide hydrophobic surface, even after exposure to tropical marine environment, ultra violent rays and moisture.
Tension Set for 11kv Overhead Lines

The rod or the core is manufactured from Fiberglass, having 70 - 75 by weight of auxiliary aligned glass fiber bonded by an organic resin. The rod is either be cast or pultruded.
The end fittings are have the following properties:

i.          are compressed onto the Fiberglass rod member
ii.         are not move relative to the central Fiberglass rod at applied loads equal to two times the rated Routine Test Load or maximum designed cantilever loads
iii.        are attracted to the rod after completion of all external heat processes used to cure or bond component parts.

The insulator are provided load limiting bases that will deform under longitudinal loading of more than 100% of the rated design cantilever load.
Performance Characteristics

The Polymeric Insulators are meet the under listed performance characteristics.





Dry Flashover Withstand



Wet flashover withstand



Positive Impulse Critical flashover



Maximum Radio Interference Voltage

Below 1micro volt

  Below 1 micro volt          

Design Tension Strength



Residual Strength after Power Arc



Mechanical Proof Test Load



Maximum Sustained Load



Design Torque Rating

               83 Nm

                  83 Nm

Tension Set for 11kv Overhead Lines
The insulator are suitable for accepting both aluminum and copper conductors having cross - sectional areas ranging from 35mm2to 265mm2. The insulators are designed for mounting on the angle and channel crossarms specified in Specification E14

All exposed ferrous part shall be treated against corrosion. Treatment by hot dip galvanizing is preferable.

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