Polímero Fuse Cutout, Drop hacia fuera Fuses 12 kilovoltios 100A
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Polímero Fuse Cutout, Drop hacia fuera Fuses 12 kilovoltios 100A

  • PRW-12/100
  • Distribución
  • Círculo
  • Conexión del fusible
  • OEIpower
  • IEC282-2 IEEEc37-41
  • 85351000
  • Alto
  • Alto voltaje
  • T K
  • Caja de madera de las paletas de los cartones
  • China Nanyang

Descripción Del Producto

The Fuse Cutout type OEI was developed to operate in overhead distribution systems rated at 11
kV to 38 kV grounded systems with 100 or 200 A nominal currents.
Especially designed to protect transformers, capacitors, cables or lines.
It is robust construction, made of rigorously tested material, will interrupt all faults under the
most severe conditions, maintaining mechanical and electric characteristics.
The inserts, hardware and structural bolts and nuts are made from heavy galvanized steel.
The Fuse Cutout type OEI can be applied on all three - phase system rated at or below the maximum
operational rating of the cutout.
Performance Characteristic
Applied standardIEC60282 - 2
Catalog number
Nominal system voltage kV11
Rated Frequency Hz50
Rated m aximum (design) voltage12
Rated Continuous current A - RMS100
Rated Interrupting current asymmetrical/symmetrical A - RMS12000/8000
BIL 1.2x50 µs kV - peak125
Minimum critical impulse flashover voltage (CFO) KV peak140
Dry withstand voltage kV - RMS42
Wet withstand voltage kV - RMS36
Creepage distance to group Min.mm372
Minimum creepage factor of insulator (Creepage Distance/arcing distance)N/A
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