Aislador 33kv de la cuadrilla
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Aislador 33kv de la cuadrilla

  • GI-33
  • desenganche de la Tres-columna
  • Manual
  • Tipo rotatorio horizontal
  • Sola tierra
  • Dar vuelta a horizontal
  • Manual
  • Potencia de Oei
  • 8535309000
  • De alto voltaje
  • De alto voltaje al aire libre
  • El poner a tierra
  • Tripolar
  • Tres
  • Ist
  • OEIpower
  • China Nanyang

Descripción Del Producto

El tipo IST saca datos switchs es conveniente para el uso en zona tropical, con una temperatura ambiente máxima de aproximadamente 40
centígrado de grados y una temperatura media de aproximadamente 28 grados centígrado con humedad alta y la precipitación pesada.
La altitud operacional preferred es hasta 1800 m sobre nivel del mar.
1.Voltaje clasificadoKilovoltio12 KILOVOLTIOS
2.FrecuenciaHertzio50 hertzios
3Corriente continua clasificadaA630
4Voltaje de withstand de impulso a la tierraKilovoltio95
5Voltaje de withstand de impulso a través de boquetesKilovoltio110
6Voltaje de withstand de frecuencia de potencia seco del uno-minuto a la tierraKilovoltio35
7Secar un voltaje de withstand de frecuencia de potencia minucioso a través del boqueteKilovoltio45
8Mojar un voltaje de withstand de frecuencia de potencia minucioso para moler      Kilovoltio30
9Límites de interferencia de radio 10KV y 1000 K.C/Sec
250 ultravioleta
10Subida de temperatura en la corriente clasificada (máximo)      
30oC en 50oC ambiente
11Dimensiones y mecánico, eléctrico
valores del aislador del polímero

12Distancia que se escapamilímetro      508 (mínimo)
13Distancia de formación de arcos seca    milímetro210 (mínimo)
14Fuerza voladiza    kilogramo400  
15Fuerza extensiblekilogramo1000
16Fuerza compresivakg5400
17Tensile proof test load      kg700
18Dry power frequency flashover      KV85
19Wet power frequency flashover      KV55
20Dry one - minute power frequency withstandKV70
21Wet one - minute power frequency withstandKV45
22Impulse flash over positive      KV115
23Impulse flashover negative      KV140
24Power frequency puncture voltageKV150  

 Gang Operated Pole Mounted 11 KV Line Sectionalizer
(11KV knife switch) Type: ISTP - 12/630
Orient Electric International Group Limited (OEIpower), OEIpower have been created in 2007 to provide complete solutions for the Energy sector, mainly power generation, transmission and distribution markets. OEIpower is able to lead turn - key projects and also cooperate in specific parts of engineering projects. Regarding products, OEIpower is creating a solid sales and distribution network in order to manage the main components involved in the energy sector and markets.
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We are Passed ISO9000 - 2008 quality management system certification, Our most of the products have passed the type test performed by Electric Power lin Aeeseeory Quality Inspection Center of electric Power industry, such as Xi ' an High Voltage Research Insitute (XIHARI). And CENTRAL POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE HIGH - VOLTAGE LABORATORY India (CPRI), SuSuzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute Stock Co., Ltd (EETI), Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI), Intertek (ASTA).
1.0 Scope&applications

1.1 The pole - mounted Line Sectionalizer/Disconnector are open type, air insulated switch. The make and Break switching operation are performed at “zero system voltage.” in “OFF LOAD” condition, only for the isolation of the faulty circuits for the protection of 11 KV Distribution lines, Transformers, Capacitors, Cables, etc, from high transient lightening and surge Voltages.

1.2 The assembly of Gang operated three phase Pole Mounted Line Sectionalizer are supplied as a single unit with single pole mounting arrangement. The unit are facilitate the installation of the assembly on both sides (left or right) of the pole to operate and install the operating handle in accordance with site conditions.    

2.0 System/conditions

i) Nominal system voltage 11 KV
ii) Highest system voltage 12 KV
iii) Highest voltage for equipment 12 KV
iv) BIL 95 KV
v) Phases 3
vi) Frequency 50 Hz
vii) Rated Short circuit level of the system 18 KA (1 second)
viii) System Earthing: 11 KV Star point/Neutral solidly grounded at Pole/PMT:

3.0 Climatic conditions

i) Maximum ambient air temperature 50oC
ii) Maximum daily average temperature 45oC
iii) Minimum ambient air temperature 0oC
iv) Maximum sun temperature on exposed Horizontal surface 60oC
v) Highest solar radiation intensity 1000 W/m2
vi) Maximum relative humidity 95%
vii) Annual rain fall:                                                                     20 to 60 mm in 2 to 4 showers
viii) Altitude Sea - level
ix) Location Sea Coast (Interior is Semi - Desert).
x) Pollution Severe marine pollution on account of windblown sand and dust with salt content and salt laden spray and mist. Washing action by rain is negligible, as rainfall is scanty.

4.0 Ratings and characteristics for line Sectionalizer

4.1 The Gang Operated pole mounted 11 kv Line Sectionalizer have the following ratings and characteristics based on 50 deg. C ambient temperature:

i) Nominal voltage 11 KV
ii) Maximum design voltage 12 KV
iii) Rated continuous current 630 Amps
iv) Impulse withstand voltage to ground 95 KV
v) Impulse withstand voltage across gaps 110 KV
vi) Dry one - minute power frequency withstand voltage to ground 35 KV
vii) Dry one minute power frequency withstand voltage across gap 45 KV
viii) Wet one minute power frequency withstand voltage to ground 30 KV
ix) Limits of radio interference 10KV and 1000 K.C/Sec 250 uV
x) Temperature rise at rated current (max.) 30oC at 50oC ambient

4.2 Polymer insulator

The mechanical and electrical characteristics of the Polymeric insulator are as under:

4.2.1 Dimensions and mechanical values

i) Leaking distance 508 mm (minimum)
ii) Dry arcing distance 210 mm (minimum)
iii) Cantilever strength 400 kg
iv) Tensile strength 1000 kg
v) Compressive strength 5400 kg
vi) Tensile proof test load 700 kg
4.2.2 Electrical values

i) Dry power frequency flashover 85 KV
ii) Wet power frequency flashover 55 KV
iii) Dry one - minute power frequency withstand 70 KV
iv) Wet one - minute power frequency withstand 45 KV
v) Impulse flash over positive 115 KV
vi) Impulse flashover negative 140 KV
vii) Power frequency puncture voltage 150 KV

5.0 Constructional features
The three pole disconnectors are mainly designed for a vertical mounting. The following elements could be changed or incorporated:
- Fuseholder.
- Earthing connection with locking device to prevent the connection to earth when the disconnector is closed or to close the device when the earth is connected.
- The earthing disconnector can be placed in the entrance or exit of the main switch.
- The earth disconnector is operating by means of an independent control.
- The operating axis could be placed at left or right side.
- The operating axis could be extending until 250, 420,500, 750 or 1000mm, these extensions includes a support to avoid it bend down.
- The outdoor units are provided with different drills to permit the direct fixing to a post or to a frame previously fix to a post.
OEIpower puede llevar proyectos de llavero y también cooperar en partes específicas de proyectos de la ingeniería


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